17 comments on “I don’t understand bicycles without mudguards

  1. Okay. These boys cycle off road a lot and are totally unhappy unless their clobber is desecrated by layers and layers of the seven shades of …. So they have transcended the bourgeois preoccupation for neatness and cleanliness. I suspect they have somehow avoided the severe calvinist toilet training regimes suffered by the rest of the protestants, or it has had the opposite effect. Let’s get covered in shite! Hope this helps. Hotboy

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  3. It depend on the type of cycling and also the climate you bike in.

    Mountain bikes would jam up solid with layers of clay/sandy wet mud in the small spaces between the fender and the wheel. That is the reason. They also aren’t bothered about getting dirty and in fact may even be proud of it. Clip-on mudguards can flap about but I tend to use one myself for the winter months because I agree that a streak of mud up your bum and spine can be a little cold and ugly!

    I’m not a road biker but I know that many of these guys spend thousands of dollars saving weight and even 200 grams or so can be a big deal to them, believe it or not; racing road bikes would weigh a little more, be less aerodynamic and look rather dorky with mudguards. There also would not be room for a fender on the back wheel. If you look at newer bikes, they have the rear wheel almost touching the seatpost tube for all sorts of reasons. I would never put fenders on a bike like this and in fact other riders would laugh at me if I did….same as if I had wheel reflecors, a gear ‘dork disk’ or…hairy legs!!!

    When I used to ride a touring bike in Europe, I would always have fenders and in fact also added a little plastic mudflap like you get on cars to the front.

  4. High Kingerz. Thanks for that explanation. By the number of people who find my blog when searching for terms such as ‘bike with no mudguard’ it seems that it’s a question that many people have.

    I can understand the very top racing bikers not wanting any extra weight, and can understand what you say about mud and mountain bikes.

    I think some people do without guards to make them look more bikerish.

    An idea would be to design cycle gear with a black line down the back of the top, then it wouldn’t look so horrible.

    • Thanks for bringing it up. I have wondered about the lack of mudguards on many bikes myself on couple of occasion and on this occasion was piqued enough to google it up. Your blog was at the top. haha… Going by some of the answers, it has helped to give me a preliminary understanding of why.

  5. Had to ask for mudguards on my road bike and felt stupid for asking but as I cycle in all weather it seems sensible to have them. Just bought a new mountain bike and wondered why my spine was cold when I realised that it didn’t have mudguards and had a line of wet mud up my back. I did a google search to see why I was provided with a bike without mudguards and found your question. I totally agree. I’m going to ask the shop where I got the bike if it is possible to have mudguards!

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  7. I am planning to buy a bike and was wondering the same thing so I searched why mountain bikes don’t need mud guards, and found this page. I thought maybe the mountain bikes don’t need them because you don’t get sprayed by the wheels, e.g. it has some technology to fix this. But I realize I’m wrong. Thanks for raising the question. Saw some good answers too. I guess I’ll have to ask for a mud guard then.

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