6 comments on “Some libraries get it right

  1. But do they have a copy of Ancient Futures by John McKenzie (only 86p on Kindle!)? You’d think anyone who considered themselves educated would have access to that! Hotboy

  2. Even I, who actually work at New Caledonia South University, never reallised we had such impressive facilitities. But what do the kiddies actually do in their tweets, facebooks and gropefinders? Sell drugs and hook up. To unparaphrase McLuhan, content rules! The medium’s not the message.

    PS – what’s your and Corlett’s book? And does this mean I have to write a book too, to balance everyone else up? I’m not even going to ask about your papers. Did you smoke them?

    PPS – the video’s rather good.

  3. Hi Rob,

    If you click on the second graphic you can see details of the book. Same with the articles.

    The library tweets about relevant information, etc. I don’t know what the students tweet about.

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