12 comments on “The most satisfying moment of my life. Are you taking the piss?

  1. Hmmm? I can see you were a truculent child. Such unmentionables are your first product and you can barter if you like. Retentiveness and meanness start right here. I think you probably needed the toilet training to be even more Calvinist than it evidently was! I pity your poor parents. I bet you didn’t share anything with anyone. Hotboy p.s. Why didn’t you just piss in a bottle?

  2. That was almost perfect as a short story. The only possible changes I might suggest

    (1) the hero relieves himself into the driver’s juice bottle

    (2) number 2

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  4. Took the same trip with a friend when I was 17, so 1984. Got stuck for 6 hours in a traffic jam on the one road through Yugoslavia. I remember a scouse girl at the back of the bus who’s holiday was travelling to Athens then getting on the next bus back. Hope her supply didn’t run out! £70 return lol. I’d jump back on tomorrow if they still ran them – easiest way to lose 20 pounds as well.

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