15 comments on “Walks in Mallorca – Sóller, Biniaraix, Fornalutx & Mirador de Ses Barques

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  3. Hi, I am going to Mallorca with my kids in March and would like to try some easy yet picturesque trekking with them. They are good at walking but rather small. I was thinking of finding routes that are not too long and not too much uphill. Can you give me some advice? Is Fornalutx- Soller in only one direction a good choice, in that case which direction is the easiest and how long is it? Or between Fornalutx and Biniaraix? Other routes? 1 hour is OK, max 2 hours.

  4. Be careful when you get into the tracks through the olive groves, above Fornalutx and Biniaraix. If you’re adventurous, better have a GPS as the farmers sometimes obliterate the painted markers or turn over the stones and sometimes block off the tracks. We had to spend the night out on the mountainside after losing the track. Evidently it’s not uncommon to get lost and there’s no mountain rescue. That’s why the guides do well. They don’t advertise the number of deaths, but we were told they average about 7 a year! However, a few precautions, being vigilant and giving yourself plenty of time, water and snacks and the walking is fantastic.

  5. thanks for the book tip, we have visited the area twice and have done the walks you mentioned and a few more. Its a spectacular place hope you enjoyed it.

  6. Hi we are visiting Fornalutx in April and are keen to know where we can get some good walking maps. Any help greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Lindsey. I’m sure you will enjoy your holiday. It won’t be too hot in April. We used: Mallorca North & Mountains, Tour & Trail Map 1:40,000 scale ISBN 9781904946502

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