10 comments on “Another university library website that sucks (IMHO)

  1. Hi Rob,

    The review could have been more systematic – i.e. x% of links from the e-Journals list went to blogs; y% went to freely available ejournals; z% went to subscription ejournals; etc – but who has time for that malarkey. In fact, just about every time I checked a link, I found something amiss. There were lots of links that I didn’t check, which may, or may not, have been OK.

  2. You could do a review! E-books don’t get reviewed in the press. If none of the librarians buy this masterpiece, it confirms my view that the profession is now composed of a bunch of clicky clicky gameboy junkie freaks with big thumbs and no attention span left at all. In my day, librarians used to read books sometimes. Dearie me! Hotboy

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  4. I am the library director at Saint Xavier University. we have tried very hard to simplify, simplify, simplify searching for our students. I don’t like our cms, but would you take a Look at our site and tell me what you think? Thanks, Mark

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