11 comments on “University of Malawi Library in the 80s

  1. Great to see so many library workers! I’m sure they’ll all want to read Ancient Futures, on Kindle at a very cheap price. Do you tell the folk in the picture to look at this blog? I hope you do!! Hotboy

  2. I was interested in this and your earlier posting on Malawi. re Who introduced Bliss. I think – from something the 1st V-C, Ian Michael said, that Librarian Plumbe was the perpetrator – deed committed in the Library, of course.
    Moving on : I wonder whether you saw evidence of the archiving of College material by the Library. Was there, for example, any attempt by the Librarians to collect documents /ephemera produced by the Writers’ Group or Travelling Theatre?

  3. Hi James,

    It may well have been Wilfred Plumbe. I don’t think he mentions it in “Cry of the fish eagle”

    I remember archiving some theses in the Malawiana Collection. But other than that, as Reader Services Librarian, it wasn’t my responsibility. Dickson Phiri was in charge of Malawiana when I was there. I belive that he is now University Librarian.

    I see that you were there in the 70s http://www2.open.ac.uk/ClassicalStudies/GreekPlays/Po-CoConf/abstracts/gibbs.htm

  4. Hello Roddy. I accidentally found your blog and am wondering if you happen to have any more pictures of the late Karen Spence. She was my sister and I would love to have any pictures you may have of her during her time in Africa. You can email me privately.

  5. Small world dept. My wife was working in Chancellor College library when I met her back in the early 70s. We left Malawi shortly after the move to Zomba took place in 1973, but I remember James Gibbs, of course. I was briefly in charge of the Writers Group he refers to; indeed I had the pleasure of steering some of its output through the Malawian Censorship office. Much much later, in Humbul days, I had the pleasure of meeting you Roddy but I have only just discovered that we share a Malawian connexion.

    • Hi Lou,

      No, I hadn’t realised the Malawi connection! Thank you for Commenting. Maybe James Gibbs saw your comment. Perhaps you came into contact with Mary Kendall, who worked in the library for several years?

      • Yes, I did see the comment – thanks – and I followed up by visiting Lou’s blog. I am still in quite regular contact with a number of people from ‘Malawi days’ – including David Kerr and Jack Mapanje.

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