11 comments on “Working in the sawmills

  1. And this was what I was away serving Queen and country for! Was the Muckrach the place you had to stick you finger in the fruit juice at breakfast to be able to tell guests what fruit flavour it was? Sorry to hear about your leaks – more snow on the way I hear.

  2. “What’s the capital of France?” “Aye – I ken this wan…it’s Europe, is it?”

    Similar to my pre-election experience in a Manc sandwitch shop I sometimes visit, when I was chatting with the women behind the counter about some election politics relating to EU citizens/Eastern Europeans working in the UK . The sandwitch shop ladies mostly live in an area where there are lots of Somali immigrants/refugees, so I was asked:

    “Eastern Europe, where’s that, is it next to Somalia?”

  3. How do you recall all those details? I remember Sovereign, the poor man’s B&H. I think they came out before number 6.

    Great story. The tension was building all the way through, then the last sentence was a clever anti-climax.

  4. Please do another mini-memoir some time.

    BTW I liked I Can Hear The Grass Grow. By the time I got around to buying one of The Move’s singles (Fire Brigade, a disappointment) they were on the decline. I never had any luck backing horses either.

  5. Hi Rob,

    It’s supposed to be one of a series. Next one up is about Black Eck.

    Also, see The Move – Anthology, on CD. Super! They were at the top of their game when I saw them in Aviemore. The loudest, hairiest band I’d seen at the time.

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