4 comments on “Food in Les Arcs

  1. Dearie me! I’m not going if I have to share a chalet with a gang of folk I don’t know, who are all probably weirdo evil bourgeois and dead boring as well. And eating pizza? Dearie me again! It costs about ten pence for the ingredients and you don’t get to burn them on the Roman soldier’s shield like the original ones. Did any of the rip off merchants throw in a packet of Rennies to deal with the after effects? Hotboy

  2. What? I was meaning heartburn! Maybe what you are talking about is heartburn further down the road. It’s because of folk like you that we have global warming, you know. Hotboy

  3. If I was going to comment on cheese-based cuisines, I’d say the same thing as Hotters, but I’m too polite. I think the condition you’re talking about is arseburn.

    PS I’ve often wondered what sort of thing one can lean from strangers – that would lend some pont to social events.

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