7 comments on “A real low cost alternative to expensive library search database systems

  1. Will institutions who want to take up the trial have to set up their own interface as described in the Code4Lib article? Or will it just be a matter of supplying a list of ISSNs with the interface being hosted outwith the institution?

    Will you be at the Haggis and Mash event in Edinburgh next week ( see
    http://mashedlibrary.com/wiki/index.php?title=Haggis_and_Mash )? Perhaps I could find out more there if so.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    I’ll be there on Wed 26th. Are you going to both days?

    I’ve asked the JournalTOCs Manager to answer you’re questions in more detail, but the general idea is that the customisation can fit in with your existing website, therefore no new design is needed.

  3. Hi Matthew,

    Both options are possible. Thus if you prefer that the hosting be done at journalTOCs you would only need to supply your list of ISSNs with the interface being hosted outwith the institution. In this case, we will provide you with an admin interface so you could always keep the list of your journals up to date.


  4. Actually I am both Matthew Phillipses. I moved from Dundee to Durham in August. I am there both days: I’ll look out for you on Wednesday.

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