5 comments on “New toilets

  1. Did they have free plonko collapso at that meeting? Did you have to bring your own? Did you take any after photies of the bogs with the toilet seats ripped off? Have you got one with the toilet seat round your neck? I’m glad to see you’ve gotten over the reverberations from the heavy duty, calvinist toilet training regime inflicted on middle class infants by the upwardly aspiring evil bourgeois! Some people just never get over it, you know. Anally fixated for the rest of their lives!! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Hi Rob,

    You probably know that I never run behind Fat Mac – for two reasons: a) I can’t run that slowly, b) He doesn’t ever wash his jogging pants. Well, the smell from the old library toilets was about ten times as bad as what it would be like if you ran behind Fat Mac. Also, the doors were all broken, the bowls were away from the wall, there was gunge etc all over the place, partly due to some students who chewed tobacco and then spat it out (at least, I’m assuming that was what it was). Even the pit latrines in Malawi villages smelt better (though there were more maggots).

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