7 comments on “Complaint against me

  1. You librarians are cultured lot; where was the union etc on this; where was the dispute resolution system on this; where was WikiLeaks on this one? How do these things just sit out there and nobody is remotely intersted in getting to a resolution?

    Where I work, it’s a very motivated environment–you can hear the troops complaining all the way to Plymouth Rock. As I said, you librarians are a cultured lot. You’re retired–tell ’em to take a pill and chill.


  2. I commend that boss who did nothing! You clicky clicky folk should put down your handbags and smell the roses! So somebody makes a complaint. Nobody does anything. Fewer complaints in future. Just wait for the wanes to get over it. Jobbie well done. Hotboy

  3. Hi Hotboy,

    Doing nothing seems to be your solution to everything.

    If someone feels aggrieved enough to lodge a complaint, then something must be done about it, otherwise they, and the person against whom the complaint has been made, both feel aggrieved.

    Bosses should do more than just collect air miles.

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