9 comments on “Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show, SECC

  1. What was it the boys said about Mexican food? Re-heated vomit with cheese on top. Luckily, you seem to have missed the cheese! Hotboy

  2. I say! My friend Albert says he once knew a Byrez Road restaurant manageress, in the biblical sense so I believe. Don’t know if there were second helpings.

    If Jamie is at my Alma Mater, I hope he’s enjoying his time as much as I did. Probably more.

  3. I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep in one of those RVs. Nothing less than a tank or armoured car would do. And even then the guns would need to loaded.

  4. Hi Roddy – Good to get your feedback on the show (positive & otherwise!). I’m surprised to hear that you weren’t given a showguide on arrival. Unless you had free tickets for the show, you should have been handed one when picking up or purchasing your tickets. If you think you could still make use of one, please drop me a note with your address and I’ll pop one in the post. Hope you’ll make it back again next year and that the parking attendants (and visitors) will be enjoying slightly less ‘West of Scotland’ weather! Kind regards, Fran McIntyre – Managing Director.

  5. Hi Fran,

    Thanks for commenting. It’s good to know that you look out for feedback. I was sent my tickets by ticketSOUP, having used a CC code for a slight discount. There was no showguide enclosed. When I showed the tickets at the entrance, I wasn’t offered a guide and couldn’t see any available. I thought there would be campervan awnings on display, as so many people use them nowadays. Maybe you can suggest that to companies that sell awnings, for next year. I’m sure they would sell a few. I did come away with a Towsure catalogue, which is proving useful.

  6. Hi Roddy,

    It’s that time of year again! While I’ve been off having another baby, my team have been building up the Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show which opened yesterday. If you’d like to join us again this weekend, please let me know and I’ll ensure tickets (and a showguide!) are put aside for you. Hope to see you here. Kind regards, Fran McIntyre – MD QD Events.

  7. Fran,

    Congratulations! Also, thanks ever so much for taking the time to contact me. No wonder you win awards for your event management and marketing.

    We’re actually off skiing this weekend, but I hope the Show goes very well.


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