6 comments on “Banking farce

  1. The genius gets a monstrous bonus for this illogical mess you’re in, because the number of people who will go through the conundrum that’s before you are very small in number, which means that they’ll use money at 0% interest and loan it out at between 5% and 29%, depending on the method of loaning. Free money and big profits for them.

    We’re in the wrong business.

  2. Rods! Sorry to hear about all the hassle from the money you got from exploiting the underclass. It must be awful to have to go into the bank to discuss how you can rip them off even more. If I was you, I’d just give all your money to the poor people and await your reward in heaven. Hotboy p.s. I think I’m the only poor person you know. Try talking to the irritating men digging up the road about your financial problems and I’m sure they’ll totally sympathise!!

  3. Hi Eyeball,

    29% is too much to charge!

    Hi Hotboy,

    My friend Fat Mac ran up an overdraft by drinking beer. Now he pays 15% interest on it, and his money helps pay for fat bonuses. How dumb is that?

  4. Amazing! Still, at least they let you open a fresh account. Here most banks offer a similar introductory interest, but they forbid existing customers to open a fresh account. So if you want to continue getting the interest you have to switch banks every time.

  5. Your friend Fat Mac should pay 29% interest, his body would benefit. My friend Albert has a perfect physique, and pays no interest. It all balances up.

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