15 comments on “Barking like a dog

  1. I will try to remember that technique for getting round bureaucracy. I can bark (and moo, miaow, bleat & cluck) very convincingly, I’m told. But less so during asthma attacks, which are my commonest ailment now, so perhaps this skill won’t be so much use to me after all.

  2. One of those photies is briliant!! I don’t know why people want to go abroad. There’s plenty of good kidney stones in this country. Hotboy

  3. Amazing that you kept in touch with so many passengers. Did you find out what happened to the two who were travelling in the toilet?

  4. Hi Rob,

    They were Sudanese and didn’t speak English. Negotiations for me getting into the toilet, and them getting out of the toilet, were done by hand signals, shrugs, frowns, etc, whilst holding my lighter.

  5. Have you counted how often toilets are mentioned in this post? Five hundred times! Any more toilet stories? The magic bus!! We want the magic bus!! Hotboy

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  7. Most kidney stones form when the urine becomes too concentrated, allowing minerals like calcium to crystallize and stick together. Diet plays a role in the condition — not drinking enough water or eating too much salt (which binds to calcium) also increases the risk of stones.*

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