9 comments on “Why you shouldn’t vote

  1. I thought yon black clad anarchist looked a bit familiar, the one carrying the lollipop pole! Glad to hear you’re getting involved in political action now that you’ve nothing else to do apart from shouting at the men digging up the roads. Hotboy

  2. Rather clever – @maltabreaknews tweeted this post. Must be an automated system looking for mentions of ‘Malta’.

    Yes, Hotboy, I’ll be out again tomorrow, shouting at the diggers. There’s far too much digging. If no-one voted in the local elections, they wouldn’t be able to dig up the roads every five minutes.

  3. I read one of Wilbur’s books when I worked in the steelworks. Excellent! For what it was trying to do. Hotboy p.s. The boy’s finances have got nothing to do with it.

  4. Hi Hotboy,

    It’s not likely to happen, but say that you became a rich and famous writer – would you not want to contribute to the society you lived in by paying a fair amount of tax?

  5. Hi Rob,

    There must be a box for spoilt votes, surely? If you go into the Polling station, register, get your paper – can you then walk out? Will someone manhandle you to the booth?

    I may try this at our forthcoming elections.

    Mickey Mouse has had more votes, over the years, than anyone. But did he get elected?

  6. Wow, thanks for putting into words what I have having trouble expressing.
    I will be quoting you. ” ”

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