10 comments on “Drovers road

  1. I heard that the drovers used to wet their plaids and lie in the heather because it was warmer like that, or maybe the ice covering made it warmer under it, or something. Load of nonsense of course. Bunch of softies! Have you ever lain out on the hill overnight with just your plaid wrapped round you? This will be the question after the next election leads to an independent Scotland. Otherwise you’ll have to go back to your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding loving kin and see how they like you now with your funny Gaelic accent. Hotboy

  2. What a wimp you are!! Once all you folk have gone back South and us that are left can speak only the Gaelic … how else do you think they got over the cauld on the way down to Glesga? What you do is you jump in the burn at the sub zeros, and then lie there and wait till it freezes around you, and then …. well, it can’t be very pleasant unless you can do the inner heat, or don’t care about being cauld. Can you go to sleep when you are cold? I’m such a wimp that I don’t think so, but I think some folk can and do, like the folk who can fall asleep while walking. Now that we are rich and all, obviously it’s more important if your satnav works or not!

  3. Hi Hotboy,

    They didn’t round up the cattle until May, so they must have spent a lot of time looking for frozen rivers. It’s a pity you didn’t study history.

  4. I’m sure I got that detail about wetting your plaid from that one man play called Jock with Russell Hunter. You’d have to be daft to get wet before you lay down for the night, even if it wasn’t freezing and in the height of our summer. You should try lying out on the heather in your woolly jumper then the next time you go away in your campervan. I’m sure it would be very comfortable, but I’m not doing it. Cowboys slept on the ground wrapped in blankets, didn’t they? No way! Hotboy

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