5 comments on “Running with Fat Mac

  1. Rods! Fat Mac told me that you tried to force £50 on him so he could stuff his face with pizza after he told you that he was going on a diet because he had no money left till payday. He said he had to throw the money onto the ground and run away because you refused to take it back. But he says he’s accepting bottles of plonko collapso as a slimming aid now that he hasn’t got any beer left to drink. Donations are now being accepted apparently! £50 could buy him a crate!! Hotboy

  2. I suspect it’s the accumulated weight if all that wisdom. The Buddha was a fatty. But why do they call it enlightenment?

  3. At the end of the day, what it comes down to is this… floating would be great! Imagine that happened to you! How ignorant you would realise yourself to be beforehand. But not you. Oh, no! Never would have occurred to you. I can’t wait till I’m floating around. Would you like to donate all your useless and heavy nazi gold to the foundations practices right now. It’s the accumulated weight of the tatties and onions and fried eggs we have to counteract. Nazi gold on the other side would just balance it somehow, then wweeeeee! Off we go! So give me all your money. Otherwise you’ll just spend it on computer manuals and waste it! Hotboy

  4. Hotters. I’m practically floating already. That’s why I’m naturally more blissful than some crabbit commenters. PS they say money can’t buy happiness.

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