5 comments on “Camping

  1. I’m amazed you survived what with your dongle not working and all!! Do you ever listen to the radio? Hotboy

  2. PhD required?
    Been there and done that with electricity supply – trying to get a pre-payment meter in order to better manage our electricity use. You’d think I was asking for something difficult!

  3. Hi Hazel,

    One wonders why such things are often complex. In the case of Internet access from abroad, yes – we’re prepared to spend a little more than usual; we want to be in control of this expense and not arrive back home to an unexpected enormous bill (like what happened to my sister-in-law); and we want the process to be as simple as possible. If it’s not simple, and without such things, people are put off, and communications companies actually lose out.

    My younger son has a pre-payment meter in his student flat. They need to feed it constantly.

  4. How quaint that they’re bringing back meters you feed your shillings into.

    Where I live, the phone and mobile broadband companies have two types of accounts. Corporate clients get guaranteed constant reception, and the rest of us fight over the bandwidth scraps.

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