4 comments on “Running the Show

  1. Who was cutting the goolies off the Kenyans during the Mau Mau then? Couldn’t have been those fine Briteesh chaps, could it? Imperialism is a disgrace. The White Man’s Burden was a joke! Anybody who doesn’t speak the Gaelic is on the road south in a couple of years. Just remember that! Heree, Horoe, Calum Kennedy, ya bass! Hotboy

  2. Sargeant majors!! The chaps from Eton really ran the show. Well, they’re back in charge again!! Fortunately, we will be independent in a couple of years and we can say all that malarkey was someone else’s fault. And the creekit will be off Radio Four. And kilts will be obligatory! Hurrah! Hotboy

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