4 comments on “Aberdeen, and Shaun’s new flat

  1. Looks good. University could be almost bearable if it wasn’t for the studying and the jumping through hoops. I know all about it from reading Alma Mater (available as an ebook for only about 86p).

  2. Albert? Alma Mater has not been bought by anyone at all, so it’s price is now just under two quid! It would have helped if folk had reviewed it of course!! As far as those meals are concerned …. dearie me, but it’s difficult to say if the photies were taken after you threw up or before. Are they both containing bottom feeders? I think they are! Well, you are what you eat! Dearie, dearie me! Hotboy p.s. Young people at uni don’t have to read books anymore. They’ll give you a first class honours degree these days just for staying half awake!

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