6 comments on “The McAfee saga

  1. Of course, if you hadn’t had the corporate product on the laptop to start with … but that is locking the stable door after the horse bolted some months ago!

    Have you tried deleting the whole security centre?

    You could, of course, return the product saying that it is not fit for purpose (was it ever?) and go for the paid-for version of AVG. I don’t know about Edinburgh but in Northamptonshire there’s a really nice guy who acts as a third-party reseller and will install as part of the service! (That dates back to before I semi-retired).

  2. Rodders. You could try the blissheid solution and just switch the computer off and use someone else’s. That seems to work.

  3. Someone put AVG stuff on this computery thing and it works fine and costs nothing. Why don’t you just do that? I suggest it’s because you are retired that you engage in these pointless jousts with these telephone people. I think you’d be much better employed getting your lollipop stick out and going out to threaten the men digging up the road. At least, they’re real people. The folk on the phone pretending to be real people are actually machines. The machines have got really good machines working for them these days. Clever too! Some of them pretend to be from India. BTW you could have been marketing my books online during all this nonsense. At least, that would have done somebody some good, like me! Hotboy

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