5 comments on “DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT STRESS!!!

  1. It must have been bad if you had to give-up

    Amazing you were “cured” after 4 meetings. Reminds me of Kiwi Ange. After she was raped at gunpoint in her own home, with her new baby in the next room, she went to one police counselling session, after which she said she was completely over it. Some folk are tough. I’d have been in therapy for several lifetimes.

  2. Several lifetimes, a course of medication or a couple of meetings – for each of us it’s different. May I recommend to facebookers that you befriend theelephantintheroom (pseudonym for the Mind charity) who posts about all sorts of issues – and leads to you making new virtual friends.

  3. I’m sorry that your head is stuck up your backside, but if you don’t meditate, well, what can I say? Flatheids just don’t get the bliss! You never hear blissheids complaining about stress. The too dumb to meditate … well, dearie, dearie me!!!

  4. Dearie me! That comment sounds a little unsympathetic on re-reading! I’m sorry you’ve gone mad. My advice is just to keep quiet about it and then nobody will notice. That works for me anyway. Hotboy

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