6 comments on “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

  1. Rods! I hope this has helped you get over going mad. I’ve been in Scarborough once. That’s not the place where all the poor Chinese died farming mussels, is it? Did you see any remains floating about in the sea? That kind of thing would put some folk off visiting a place, but if you can watch creekit all day, you can probably put up with anything. Hotboy

  2. Did you go canoeing again on the lake at Peasholme Park? That was one of the most traumatic days of my childhood; watching you out in a canoe with Dad while I was confined to dry land because I would not drink a milkshake. Still cannot drink milk!
    It was Morecambe Bay, by the way, where the cockle pickers drowned – and we stayed there on the same holiday.

  3. Hi Penny,

    I remember the milkshake incident, but didn’t realise it was at Peasholme Park. Lindsey wanted to go to the park, because her granny used to go there in the 50s, but I couldn’t see a parking space, and we’d already spent £3 parking on the front.

    Don’t encourage Hotboy. He has a very loose grasp on reality.

  4. Correct Hotters! Apart from the wrong location and ocean.

    Rodders. How many holidays are you up to now? No wonder the proletarians are vacationally deprived – it all balances up. On the other hand, at least you’re helping the economy – it all balances up.

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