7 comments on “Spot the navvy

  1. Half two is when they have their teabreak! Anyway, it’s not their fault that the evil bourgeois can’t even do sweetheart deals that end up with a nice slice off the top all round without making a total bollocks of it. It reminds me of when Edinburgh was full of holes in the ground and then they built the St James Centre and everyone wanted the hole in the ground back! Then the Parliament. Next to get messed up will be the new Forth Road Bridge. Actually, I blame the people who don’t vote!! You can’t complain if you don’t vote. You should start a party for grumpy old lollipop men! Hotboy

  2. So, you voted, and look what you got! The new diggings are a joke. 10 months to fill up some cracks. They should ask for volunteers, and half of Edinburgh would pitch up to do the work in a week.

  3. Who signed off the previous work?

    We had some shoddy work signed off in the library, once. When the wind blew, there were loud whistles through the gaps in the windows. It should never have been signed off.

  4. It’s a shame they didn’t award the contract to the proletariat. Just imagine the competitive edge, with the orange order laying one rail and the tims laying the other.

  5. The cellmate enjoyed this post too. She wonders what the economic history books in the future, or whatever medium perhaps replaces books, will call this period, perhaps ranking it alongside the Corn Laws, Tolpuddle Martyrs, South Seas Bubble etc. What do they call it where you are?

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