6 comments on “Red Plenty

  1. That sounds like the worst book I’ve ever heard of! So the author sticks in words that no one knows the meaning of?? I suppose that impresses some readers. Dearie me! Have you ever read Darkness at Noon? Bet you haven’t. I don’t read books anymore, but when I did ….. Dearie me! Hotboy

  2. Anyway, Darkness at Noon is a wonderful book. It’s about how you plead guilty to being an American spy whilst running that stage of the revolution. Of course, you haven’t read it. Anyone who’s ever had a kid at an Edinburgh school should read http://www.amazon.com/TheBlissBook-ebook/dp/B005RPH1DW which is a book which would tell you about something that’s going on right now , and which nobody cares about, because the evil bourgeois always know how to look after themselves until the end of their lives and then they are completely lost, and so they should be!! So death to them!! Stupid, selfish basturns that they are! The boy who wrote the book might have been a shit, but they usually are, these people you seem to want to crawl up the arses of! Dearie me! Just … it is difficult to recommend books to me … beers, on the other hand. Let’s cycle to Cramond where the beer is almost free! Hurrah!

  3. Hi Hotboy,

    ‘sfumato’ was the only word I had to look up, and it was a great word to use in that context. Darkness at Noon sounds interesting.

    Is TheBlissBook fiction or fact?

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