9 comments on “Glentress

  1. Nice to see a cafe with plenty of space and a high ceiling, so there’s a chance you can converse without having to shout.

    I claim the prize for spotting Lindsey amongst the crowd, on the far right.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Three comments – have you od’d on Rooibos?

    You’re quite right about spotting Mrs M, even though it wasn’t a “Where’s Mrs M” competition.

    Beyond that, I have difficulties, having been in a situation with Fat Mac, this pm.


  3. Fat Mac told me you forced him to drink white wine in the pub, which he is not used to doing, and that he almost died in the snowy wastes somewhere. But he does not know where. A victim of the free bus pass for old codgers, he says he has given up the drink now forever!!

  4. He says he regained consciousness in the middle of nowhere, at the end of the line, and then fell asleep again when the bus took off. He says he knows nothing about anything after you forced the third glass of collapso on him!

  5. Brian Wilson told me that if only Hotters had not lost his phone (his old one – not the one he dropped in his beer), he could have phoned Domestic Bliss to say he was lost in the snowy wastes.

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