7 comments on “Job Centre

  1. I was censored!! All I was trying to say from my usual oppositional perspective is that – the kickbacks to the council and all that stuff don’t matter- the problem is that you don’t want a lot of poor people moving in next door with their drug problems and their horses, and I was just wanting to offer you a pony, a real pony, for your caravanette because it’s not going to last long with all those tinker kids writing Not in My Back Yard all over it. If you were a proper christian, you would invite all those tinks to come in and live with you in the desolate citadel, and make fires in your big rooms with the floorboards, and never bat an eye! It’s all about positions in society with all you middle class people, no matter that you are too dumb to meditate and flatheids every one; too dumb the flatheids are to even know they’re flatheids, but are standing waving their lollipop sticks with all the other old codgers from the posh schools in the face of progress, when it should be a bit like being Montezuma: your time has come, and now you should say fair enough, and gracefully walk off the park. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Hi Hotboy,

    Back on the juice again, are you?

    The two reasons no-one wants the new development are:

    1. There’s already a lack of parking spaces in the street, and 23 more flats will make parking impossible.

    2. The new development sticks out the back and overlooks all the gardens, and they will see me when I sunbathe in the nude. I expect that you would like such an audience, but I’m more of a private person.

    P.S. My campervan is parked in the nearby housing scheme, where the lovely residents often tell me which delivery van has just crashed into it.

  3. That was spontaneous, alliterative post-modernism. Of course, I’m not back on the juice again! Sheer Jungian projection, that is! Hotboy

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