5 comments on “More Journals added to JournalTOCs

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    • Thanks.

      But why there is only the latest issue (number 7) and not previous? the periodical begin on 2005 with number 1

      on which database are you doing harvesting ? the periodical is enterely on DOJ; You do harvester on Istitutional archive of University of Florence EPrint where there is, till now, only the numeber 7 ?

      many thanks Susanna

  2. Hi Susanna,

    JournalTOCs doesn’t attempt to index all issues of journals. Instead, the purpose of JournalTOCs is to provide a current awareness service for the very latest articles from 17,500 journals. Users can use JournalTOCs to be alerted to new issues, in various ways (on the website, or via email). Plus there are other ways to use JournalTOCs – see https://roddymacleod.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/10-ways-to-keep-up-to-date-with-the-latest-scholarly-articles-using-the-free-journaltocs-service/

    JournalTOCs harvests the RSS TOC feeds of journals.


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