6 comments on “Teeth

  1. What a shame!! My zoobies of course are perfect! Just like Robert Redford’s, or Sean Connery’s. It only cost me about thirty grand to get someone else’s teeth screwed in though I’m not too sure if they were all human being teeth since I tend to bark a lot now. Hotboy

  2. You haven’t seen me since the make-over! Hotboy p.s. If you weren’t such a skinflint you’d have teeth as wonderful a mine!! Bite through barbed wire, so I can!

  3. Sorry to hear that Rodders, tooth problems are no joke. Can you remember what you were eating when the fang went bang?

    Albert’s teeth are about the same as yours. He uses a fluoride rinse to toughen up what’s left of them.

  4. Rodders. Yes they put linseed into bread now, I remember cracking a tooth on that stuff. Idiotic, to break everyone’s teeth in the name of a minority health fad.

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