7 comments on “MacStig

  1. Hhhmmmm? I this some kind of mid old age crisis? I’d like to have a go! I’ve got a driving license somewhere! How much does it cost?

  2. Rodders, when I read the title I thought the post would be about Big Mac’s record-breaking jog speed.

    Nobody could accuse you and the missus of aging sedately. Good on youse!

    PS the nearest I ever got to the go-cart experience was driving a Mini.

  3. That is so my sport! I have perfect hand eye coordination and have always enjoyed jousting with the girlie progeny of the evil bourgeois, but, unfortunately, we did not have any money when I was a nipper, and we did not have a go-kart! So I’d like yous all to contribute to my new charity, which is called “Ko-Karts For the Underprivileged”. This will take away the stigma of showing up at the go-kart festival without a go-kart, and hand out go-karts free to the poor, starving basturns, whom I am sure we are all very concerned about.

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