6 comments on “Chinese homework, week 1

  1. Why don’t they just speaky English like the rest of us were forced to do? Apparently, you need to know 3000 characters to be able to read a newspaper. What’s the point of that? Hotboy p.s. What advantages does it have, this Chinese stuff? Any?

  2. They do if you’re shouting eff off at them from your gunboat! Just as well you’re not going there since they’ve never forgiven the white devils for the opium and the generally being horrible to the Chinese stuff that went on for years and years. Never forgave the long nosed barbarians!

  3. I wouldn’t advise going to China. If you want decent beer, learn German and go to Bavaria. “Ein bier bitte” is all you need.

  4. The last time I was there, I couldn’t get over how friendly and helpful the people were. We’re looking forward to walking the Tiger Leaping Gorge, later in the year.

  5. God, you’re not really going there, are you? You’ll be able to watch the self-immolating Tibetans leap in! Hotboy

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