13 comments on “Black Eck at the bakery

  1. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if we were allowed to bear arms, which we will be once we’ve got rid of the posh boys governance. Folk like the Black guy would have been summarily executed and good riddance!

    • It wasn’t his character, it was his appearance. He wasn;t that old then. I knew him. He wasn’t grizzled either. His hair was more of a teddy boy cut of the time which was basically out of fashion but he didn’t care about fashion. I can’t remember Eck picking on bakers or boys from the Brae (which was a fairly posh studenty establishment to an extent. There are bits of this blog I just can’t quite imagine. You didn’t go through the bakers shop then. You went up a side close to the bakehouse. So a word here in Eck’s defence. I actually used to know Eck’s cousin Ronnie Crooks better. I was in Eck’s flat once down the Playhouse Close where he lived with his old mum or gran or something. No I can’t remember him picking on people like that

      • Hi Joan. I think you are right. He had a teddy boy cut, and you didn’t go through the bakery, which was closed, you went up an alley and into the bakehouse. You have a good memory. But the night I described, he picked on everyone – one baker, Famous Alex, the ginger, the ginger’s girlfriend, and at least one of the polis. But not me. The other baker was terrified.

  2. I read this wonderful story to my husband as we were running errands this morning. We laughed out loud! Thank you for making our Saturday chores more fun than they deserved.

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  6. I can’t remember Black Eck picking on boys from the Brae (usually studenty types). He wasn’t grizzled either and he had teddy boy style hair (not in fashion at the time). I knew him and his cousin Ronnie Crooks. He usually just fought with other blokes like himself from the Tower. He lived with his old Mum or Gran or something down the Playhouse Close. No he wasn’t black, but he did have some gypsey in him. I didn’t think he was a bad bloke really. I also can’t remember walking through the bakers’ shop hen. You went up a side close to the bakehouse. Just a word in defence of Black Eck.

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