5 comments on “Tian Tian, and The Descendants

  1. At last! You’ve found a restaurant where you get to spit in your own food! I thought the movie was a dull, boring waste of time.

  2. Which movie are you talking about? The spy one was totally dull and boring. The Descendants, on the other hand, was drama, big landscapes, interactions, life death and all that sort of thing, with belly-laughs thrown in as well. Absolutely gripping with people who could actually act. If you went to see The Descendants, maybe you had your eyes closed throughouut, and missed the backdrops.

  3. Presumably the staff at a DIY restaurant have to tip the customers.

    A friend (back in the days when one had such things) once tried to tell me about the profundity of the Le Carre oeuvre.

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