13 comments on “Mad Dave and the Cromdale Mob – A short story of the late 1960s

  1. What an exciting life you’ve led!! I got into similar problems on my first or second date which turned out to be in the Orange Hall in Dalmarnock, not a venue I’d normally frequent.

  2. Hi Roddy, read your story with interest – I became Mrs. Calder Junior in 1971 and I was going with Jim from 18 months before. Cant say I remember you and have been thinking of any names from that time – there was a Kevin McNeish from Elgin who was a waiter and of course you will remember “Annie” and Gordon Wood. The girls names I recall are Doris,- from Cromdale, Helen from Dalwhinnie, Helen Sutherland, Freda Reid from Cromdale and Lillias Monroe.There were several others but they were seasonal, the ones mentioned were permanent. Sadly Mrs. Calder or Jim are not with us any more and the Waterford is now a block of flats, but the memories of these days will remain in the generation of that time for ever. floracalder@hotmail.co.uk

  3. Hi Flora,

    Thank you very much for your Comment and update. I remember Lillias, and I think one of the Helens, but not the other names you mention. I also remember Kenny. I didn’t want to mention too many people by real name in that short story, and some of them are made up, or at least I can’t remember their names. I’m sure the wee chap wasn’t called Jock and I can’t remember if the other lad was Glen. It was just supposed to be an amusing story rather than anything accurate.

    There are a few other short stories on the blog of similar varying accuracy, e.g. https://roddymacleod.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/a-night-at-the-border-a-short-story/ and https://roddymacleod.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/the-most-satisfying-moment-of-my-life-are-you-taking-the-piss/

    Thank you for taking the time to Comment.


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