13 comments on “Not cycling with Fat Mac

  1. Fat Mac not so fat – was disappointed that he’s not at all fat. You’re doing the man a disservice Rods

  2. Why can’t you guys do something sensible with all that time on your hands since you are now unemployed and unemployable? How about helping poor orphans or something? Hotboy

  3. Anyway, that John McKenzie is dead right! You should try doing something instead of just shouting at the men digging up the roads and generally making a nuisance of yourself! Hotboy p.s. Have you applied yet to become a lollipop man or not? At least, it would get you out and about!

  4. Hotboy and moi are quite good friends. I think that John McKenzie joe is some kind of gay icon in another life. We have multiple personalities now. You have to learn to deal with this. Hotboy is very nice, as you know, but John McKenzie is ever nicer, and is encouraging all your librarian contacts to support a librarian who walked off the park to write TheBlissBook, the best tale of professional underachievement ever written. Unfortunately, some folk have lost their personalities. But not moi! Certainly not! Cyberboy!

  5. Rods! So you did! Thanks very much! Reviews are everything in yon Kindle game!! Hotboy p.s. I’m the HotboyMadyamika and I can surf the oceans of bliss! Do not accept shoddy imitations!!

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