7 comments on “Rue the day

  1. When I was a young catholic, I had to put up with the orange basturns marching up and down and beating their drums outside catholic churches. These folk are unionists!! I’m not a nationalist. If anything, I’m an internationalist, libertarian socialist, christian buddhist and I’m going to vote for independence because I am not a Tory. Why do we have to put up with Tory governments when there are more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs? We have diverged politically from England. We do not vote for the same things or want the same things as folk in the South East of England. There has been little point in being British since the end of Empire. What do posh boys from Eton know about us? Also, as long as the dole and the NHS (which they are destroying in England!) are okay, independence if fine by me. Some folk don’t care about getting rich. If I’d wanted to rich, I’d have become an accountant. Thank god you don’t vote!

  2. I imagine there will be an explosion of enterprise when we are a separate country and we will be better off, but that’s not why I’m going to vote for independence. I don’t like unemployed kids from the schemes joining the army to get their legs blown off in Afghanistan either. I want to live in a country that doesn’t go to war with anyone. As I said, the only folk who ever showed intolerance towards me were unionists. Your post is just full of paranoia. This country is in a wonderful strategic situation at the edge of Europe. It’s full of coal, surrounded by fish, oil and gas, and it has some top universities, etc. I’ve no problem with most English people and I think if the folk in Yorkshire, the Black Country, etc., want to join with us, that’s fine by me. Also, the Northern Irish. And I think the posh boys want us to go. They’ve a much better chance of staying in power if the left wing votes from us disappear. For aw that and aw that, it’s comin yet for aw that!!!

  3. So, picking out the relevant (to my original post) points from the other stuff, you reckon that 1) there will be an explosion of enterprise when Scotland is a separate country, and 2) my post is just full of paranoia.

    Let’s very much hope that you are correct.

    I’m not yet convinced, though.

  4. This is the Spectator’s take on the Economist line : “Saying that Scotland would go bust without English subsidy is the cliched unionist attack line, which has lost its force because it is demonstrably untrue. The emergence of new nation states, many much smaller than Scotland, has shown that small is viable.”
    Also, the stuff about attacking minorities … Where were you when the Orangemen were banging their drums outside chapels, and you couldn’t get a job in the steelworks when times were tough if you had a catholic background? Scotland was the only European country that had an anti-catholic fascist party in the thirties, but it didn’t stop us winning the European Cup in 1967, did it? Toleration in this country has vastly improved. Discrimination isn’t anything like as bad as it was. Anyway, Scotland has a low population compared to it’s size and one of the best things that happened was the Polish arrivals a few years ago. I’m all for bringing in tons of Africans so we can get a decent football team someway down the road!!!

  5. I’m looking for anything there that’s relevant to the point in my post. Ah, OK:

    “Toleration in this country has vastly improved.”

    Well, let’s hope so. However, having looked at various comments in various places (blogs, newspapers, forums, Twitter, etc), toleration amongst those who commented (whether they were disagreeing, or agreeing, with The Economist) seems to be hard to find. I noticed an immense amount of intolerance, on both sides!

  6. Unlike other nationalities, Scots émigrés over the centuries have improved their new countries. Why not deport the entire scots population to all corners of the world?

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