5 comments on “A potted history of revolution over the last 100 years or so

  1. The downtrodden might have risen up because they were hungry, cold and pissed off! The teevee last night said that the ancient Romans got 40 kilos of flour a month (200,000 of them) so they wouldn’t be a nuisance. Also, they got to go to the games almost all the time so that they got their aggression was sublimated. Nobody goes to revolution in a Volkswagen as they used to say of the Jerries.

  2. You seem to have missed my main point. People have been hungry, cold and pissed off without rising up. The most important change 100 years ago was in communications (and the improved education which allowed the downtrodden to understand the improved communications). This then follows through to the latest big change in communications – the Internet.

  3. Mackers: nice link to the previous post. On 40 kilos of flour, you’d be too bunged up to need a toilet.

    Rodders. I think you’re saying that thanks to the Internet it doesn’t matter that the downtrodden fatties can’t run. The electrons do all the rushing around.

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