7 comments on “My Mandarin crib sheet

  1. You have learned so much! For our trip to Vietnam, we are just trying for “Hello” and “Please” and “Thank you” and “Where is the bathroom?”

  2. Hi Kay – you could add the Vietnamese for “A bottle of water, please”. Did you know that there are more people who can speak English in China, than there are people who can speak English in the USA?

    • Sometimes I think we don’t speak English here at all, but then, I’m probably not very generous on diversity of language. When is your trip?

    • Back from the trip. Some people understood our Mandarin, and some thought we were talking in weird English. The: Where are the mens toilets? Nán cèsuǒ zài Nǎlǐ ? is actually very difficult to pronounce.

  3. He leído el post () por eso digo que, para los viajeros que estén interesados en recorrer el mundo y sigue preocupado por la necesidad de proporcionar servicios para los viajeros que nos visitan de servicios de calidad y confiables. No sólo están sirviendo el tipo de negocio.

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