6 comments on “Back home

  1. Excellent! I’m so glad it was a good vacation! My daughter and I leave for India in a week. We are counting on free wifi and Skype to allow us to call home.

  2. I’m sure you will have a wonderful trip, Kay! I hadn’t realised that my tablet would not seem to give access to old email, and at other times I had problems with a hotel Apple Mac which typed what I was writing in Chinese characters.

  3. Hi John – there were lots of Tibetans in Yunnan. They seemed to be doing pretty well for themselves, if the size and quality of their houses is anything to go by, and from the amount of new construction and houses and new schools, etc. They will definitely benefit from the new roads, tunnels and communication systems which are underway. Like people all over China, they suffered a great deal under the Cultural Revolution, but now there are many benefits of being part of a fast growing economy. Our guide for the Gorge and later on was half Tibetan and half Naxi.

    I will post several photos of toilets for you.

  4. Don’t let Albert go to the cafe in the lighthouse on the Bund – too expensive, even allowing for the location, and tell him to watch out for the local scam – two girls will ask for their photo to be taken, get talking, then suggest a tea ceremony, which supposedly costs a fortune. We just started talking Chichewa to them – that floored them.

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