7 comments on “Surely no-one believes the rubbish they read in newspapers?

  1. Since you never vote, I don’t think it really matters what papers tell you. But since you and I have never had an original thought in our lives, where it all the thoughts come from? From everywhere, from everyone, from your culture? And how come everyone else thinks papers have some kind of effect except you? And not just at the margins with stuff they’ve never heard of before.

  2. Very interesting Rodders. I agree it’s good to read e.g. the Telegraph if you’re a committed socialist, or read the Socialist Worker (if it still exists) if you’re a Thatcherite.

    My only point of difference would be over the phrase
    “this was presented by the newspaper as something negative, whereas it is obviously potentially very useful”.

    For freelance Taoists like Albert, nothing is either good or bad. Google’s information gathering is something negative, and very useful at the same time.

  3. It is important to question everything & contemplate with wisdom whilst for ex. reading a newspaper, that can break down the direct impact that the articles & headlines psychological effects.
    Wich usually tends to affect us negatively, since what is published is usually negative news, it can make us judge others, and the articles we read, without having enough or accurate information to assess whats actually happening, it also leads to labeling induviduals, events or places etc, when there are so many more sides to them, endless sides infact. for example instead of calling someone a “murderer”… This person is in a more skillful sense, a human being, who performed an act of violence that lead to death, he “killed someone”, judging the situation, and not labelingthe individual.. who may be loved by many.

    I like your artical Sir, & this is just my simple opinion, witch I think is beneficial for most people, but if I hear other ideas that “click” with me, then I will gladly take them into account and will happily change my point of view. Bless!

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