7 comments on “A cheap pop at the expense of the boss

  1. Why would anyone go into such a loser profession as librarianship if it wasn’t to get their snouts stuck right in the trough? It’s not the priesthood! You are of course naturally jealous, and I’m not surprised. Your boss sounds like quite a wag to me. And of course you shouldn’t have a “pop” at your ex-boss! I wouldn’t dream of such a thing, but then again I’ve always known my place.

    • Hi there. It sounds like you’re the sort of person who knows his place, and while the wheels of the boss’ Rolls Royce drive over your feet, you merely doff your hat and wish him “Good day, Sir”

  2. I don’t know, Roddy. The very phrase “taking a pop” (let alone a cheap pop) suggests an unhealthy motive. What purpose would such a pop serve, other than momentarily making you feel better by relieving some old, un-resolved tension. But in my experience, it probably wouldn’t achieve that, anyway.

    Remembering that your blog is public, would you be happy being in the same room with the ex-boss as he or she read it for the first time? Would you really be able to justify your comments?

    Would a “pop” be objective or subjective? Could it be backed up if mis-interpreted and resulting in a law-suit? Would it be fair, considering there are always circumstances about another person’s position in the past that we don’t know?

    Sometimes when I’ve been angry about someone, I’ve written letters to them or their manager. But I have rarely sent those letters. The very exercise of getting my feelings down in a non-emotive way, backing them up with evidence that would stand up for someone else, tends to be enough.

    As a manager, I’ve dealt with a number of grievance cases (for other readers, formal processes where a complaint against some has been made in writing). These cases are a nightmare to deal with fairly. First, it’s usually clear that the complainer has suffered. Second, it’s usually clear that the complained-against deosn’t see they have done enything wrong. Third, the evidence is usually mixed and contradictory. Fourth, neither party knows all the facts, nor understands all the positions. Finally, the resolution is rarely satisfactory.

    What is the potential resolution in any potential “grivance” against your ex-boss? Nothing substantive, that I can see. Objective comments relevant to an issue you are discussing, that’s one thing. Cheap pops, quite another! I wouldn’t go there!

  3. Hi Chris,

    Your Comment is thoughtful, as usual.

    I’d be quite happy to be in the same room as any of the bosses who’s actions/attitudes are mentioned in the above post, as they read it for the first time.

    As for any purpose of taking a pop – I’m interested in what anyone might think – that was one reason for writing the post, so thank you for your opinion. Another reason was to investigate attitudes towards management.

    With respect to grievances, it sounds as if you dealt with things much better than what happened when someone made a complaint against me, which I wrote about here: https://roddymacleod.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/complaint-against-me/ In that post, I tried to explain various better outcomes than what happened (which was that nothing happened). That post actually still gets a number of hits (from search engines finding it as a result of searches for ‘complaint against me’), and perhaps some folk may have benefitted from reading it.

  4. Thanks Roddy. To be fair, I’m not sure EITHER of the parties concerned were happy with the outcome, although at least something happened. My point really was, nothing’s clearcut!

  5. these guru types, even one as ecumenical as Big Mac, offer only the most inscrutable, ambiguous advice. You mightas well have tossed a coin.

  6. I’ve just read the complaints against your long suffering ex-boss once again. So he took taxis. Well, he is a boss and as such his time is far too valuable to be spent driving hither and yon. Also, he could have worked in the back of the taxi. Taking hours long taxi journeys just shows how hard working he was. You were lucky to have a boss like that. None of the bosses I ever had in libraries ever did a stroke!! That’s why they got into the profession. The top jobs are for chaps who play with a straight bat and don’t rock the boat. No work really apart from holding meeting with the other useless ones and a big fat expense account. Why else would the right sort go in for such a job?

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