7 comments on “Hamish

  1. Once whilst waiting for folk to wander aimlessly in the woolen mill place, I sat down on the grass near Hamish once and drew the quizzical stares of the locals. “There is a man sitting still cross legged on the grass,” they said pointing over at me. What Scotland needs is more meditators, not folk dressed up to look like idiots!

  2. Your description makes me want to go there, although I don’t know that I’d feed the bull. I would be delighted to ser guys in kilts, though, and have coffee in the restaurant of that mill. The mill’s websIte might make it easier if they posted a map. Guess folks know where to find them without it. They can look for the mill by the bull.

  3. Yesterday at the foot of arthurs seat there was a complete pipe band. But they were from Canada.

    Well done for spelling Callander correctly. On the motorway from Edinburgh to stirling there’s an official sign for the turn off to The Trossachs and “Callendar”.

  4. What is it that makes the Scots Scottish? And if you think of Scotland or its inhabitants what is the first thing that springs to mind? The history and the clans perhaps? The beautiful landscape? The castles ? The bagpipes? The Highland Games? Or is it whisky? Fact is that you are likely to find some unique features in Scotland and its people that you won’t find easily, and originally, anywhere else in the world. For most outsiders Scotland is about clans, battles, kilts, tartan etc. It must be said though that this image is up to a certain point valid for the Highland/Gaelic area but doesn’t include the lowlands of Scotland although most people, and specially the tourist agents, want us to belief that. But let’s start with the typical images some of us have and deal with the other things that make the Scots Scottish later.

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