8 comments on “You’ll like this a lot: a customisable current awareness service with a super-admin-user (that’s you!)

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  7. Hi Roddy

    You may be interested to hear that I’ve published a new paper on JournalTOCs and it cites this post.


    Think we are of a similar mindset regarding the usefulness of eTOCs. And from the number of posts you have made on JournalTOCs it looks like you must have been quite involved in developing the service.

    Enjoy your blog as well and one day hoping to have a similar lifestyle

    Regards, Rob

    • Thanks very much for that, Rob. Yes, we’d noticed your review, and have mentioned it on social media. You may be interested that we are working on a mobile app for JournalTOCs, which I think will be very well-received when it’s available. Thanks again.

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