7 comments on “Son Shaun

  1. I like the dueling pistols…and what looks like bayonets, if I spelled the word correctly.

    Takes a real man to bring off a kilt and a bow tie. He looks good. tn

    • Thanks for the reply; my wife is a librarian; before your retirement I read IRN (?) on search sites. It was very helpful. I live in the States. My son is from 1982. I’ve yet to retire. I’ve seen them come; I’ve seen them go; I’m still there. There was a Royal Marine Col. who retired after 50 or 60 years in the Corps. I think his name was Sam Bassett. I won’t make 60 years but his example was telling. Thanks again for your response. Tom Naughton

      • Roddy,

        You have no idea how important your work was for guys like me. I can remember doing a course for my job and the instructor was outlining intenet resources. I mentioned some sites maybe your research, maybe mine….dead silence in the room. Now you Scots are more reserved than us Irish American types. I hate silence. I said to the instructor after I mentioned the sites something like, “You in this game or not.” Roddy you’ve always been in this game. It was a sad day for my types when you retired IRN. Take care. You do nice work, in all phases of life. tn

  2. What kind of Hoover do you use? The cellmate plans to buy a Dyson upright, which will be nice for Albert because he does all the cleaning. Yet if I was foolish enough to show her Jamie’s drawing, she’d launch into a diatribe.

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