6 comments on “Brian, Mike, Al, Bruce & Dave

  1. From a reader review of that book: “Anthony Seldon has used his position as the colonial governor of a select community in Berkshire, to inspire a blueprint for the governance of the nation.” That’s all very well, but a blueprint based on a community in Bellshill might be a better read.

    The concert’s a memory that you and the other beachheads will cherish for the rest of your lives.

  2. At another Bri concert in Edinburgh, his first tour for many years, where Fat Mac got lost after going for a further white wine, and had to dance up and down the isle until someone (not me, but a random good Samaritan dude) pointed him back to his seat (the rest of us were trying to ignore him by this time), we’d previously been in the bar during the interval with all the other Bri-heads who’d been following him around the world. These were serious Bri-heads, and they were in conversation about some deep Bri connection. Something like – who was the guy rumoured, but unconfirmed, to have had Bri on backing vocals on a song called “She did it”. They couldn’t remember. So I turned round and said “Eric Carmen. But it was really Brucie who sang”. Sometimes you forget that everyone doesn’t know that sort of thing.

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