7 comments on “Buildings for birds in Budapest

  1. At the Nuremburg trial when told that there was going to be evidence next day from a Hungarian jew, he was most surprised there were any left. So well done the synagogue. Why is it called Pest? I thought it was a buddha place as well. Did you tell anyone they were a pest when you were there? How could you resist?

  2. Thank you Hotboy for getting so far. ‘he’ is Goering, I think, from your addendum. In the museum, there were many military uniforms. After 100 yards of uniforms, we went into a room, and the first caption said “And so, the War ended, and the people of Budapest were able to concentrate on rebuilding their city.” So, I reckoned that was the end, and went into the room from the other entrance. But that was wrong. The thing about Budapest is that it has been blown up too many times.

  3. Was it raining when you saw yon Porty guy? Where Albert lives, the anti-slip bubbles work well except in wet weather (which is really when you need them). In the wet, they’re deadly slippy and you get some hilarious pratfalls.

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