5 comments on “Mary Livingstone, née Moffat

  1. I went to David Livingstone’s Memorial in Blantyre (Lanarkshire) several times with a team of young boys from Bellshill. Because we had no money, we climbed the wall to get in, but that attendants at the big house just looked the other way when we oogled the exhibits. There was a big plaque there thanking the mill owners for allowing him to work sixteen hours a day because they need to do that to working people or else they’ll just spend all day drinking and fornicating!

    • In more enlightened times they came to realise that an eight hour working day was long enough to reduce the drinking and fornicating to more normal levels. Things were more balanced, but then they overshot with mass social security, not to mention the pension. Now who should they cull first, old people or the unemployed?

  2. If Lennoxlove used to be used as a loonie bin, I think I was there once, as a visitor of course. I presume Wally was a disorientated inmate. Great Halloween costume!

  3. Interesting obit. for an intriguing guy. Some blogs would lead us to begrudge the aristocracy their lives of luxury and pleasure.

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