10 comments on “Elgin – the past

  1. Very informative! I see you had girls at your High School. Very progressive! Surprising then that so many middle class folk turn out to be gay. Must be the rugby. I always thought there was something homo-erotic about all that grasping round the buttocks stuff. Of course, that’ll be why rugby players all pretend to be dead macho. Did you all dress up in women’s clothes at the booze up the night before the game? Just wondering.

  2. Hi Hotboy,

    Well, you might find rugby homo-erotic – that’s up to you – but I don’t. The night before was a great party. No-one dressed up in women’s clothes apart from the women, so you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

  3. I think you forgot to upload a photie of page 28.

    In the good old days before drugs in sport, all they had at the Olympics was breathalysers.

  4. Cycling – the Tour de France – specialised in drugs for many decades, even in the very early years, according to a book I’m reading just now. I don’t think anyone bothered about the odd litre or two of wine.

  5. The one immediately to the left of Mr Gillan in the picture looks awfae like Sandy Bowie to me…..

    • I can’t think of reason not to check out Elgin Past Times on Facebook except can I do that if I’m not on Facebook? That’s what I just do not know. But I think I’ll give it a try and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll know it doesn’t. But if it does work, then I’ll see old photos of Elgin. That should be interesting because I have never been there but I’ll get to see what it looks like. And if there’s a big factory there and things like bus stops and drug addicts. Thanks for the big advice. I’m going to check it out this very second. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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