5 comments on “5,000 Open Access (OA) journals now in JournalTOCs, the free current awareness service for researchers

  1. Thanks for that Comment. Some of the items in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research feed have abstracts, and some unfortunately don’t. There are about 15 undergraduate journals in JournalTOCs. I will keep an eye on them, and see how many times they are Followed, etc.

  2. Hi Anthony. By the way, JournalTOCs Premium, the institutional version of JournalTOCs, will shortly be offered free to some libraries in developing countries via INASP. See http://www.inasp.info/en/network/publishers/108/ If your institution is interested, please contact INASP.

    To get back to your question – as I point out in the post on which you commented, “If a journal on Beall’s list is regularly adding what I consider to be good quality content, then I will sometimes consider it for inclusion.” in JournalTOCs. On various lists and discussions, people have opinioned that Beall sometimes seems too eager to include publishers on his list. It is true that there are typos at the IISTE website, and also that some of the indexes they claim to be included in are merely announcing services with no quality control. However, the Journal of Environment and Earth Science has now been going for more than two years and has a considerable number of articles. The Editorial Board is international http://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/JEES/pages/view/EditorialBoard I considered that the content looked sufficiently of interest to JournalTOCs users for it to be included in the service.

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