6 comments on “More kit

  1. I bought a very expensive (circa £50) for a battery recharger which has a brilliant instruction sheet which doesn’t tell you anything. It’s a USB thing and you are supposed to attach your device with a cable. Of course, it doesn’t work. It didn’t work all yesterday anyway. And it hasn’t worked today. Don’t see why it should work tomorrow, but maybe I haven’t turned it on.

  2. Roddy, I have strong doubts about that slide scanner. I bought a similar stand-alone one of a different brand, and eventually returned it for several reasons. First, my Kodachrome slides had a truly horrible colour cast. Second, it turned out to have a light leak that made the corner of each slide or negative light or dark. Colour negatives also had casts; about the only thing it did well was monochrome negatives. I replaced it with a Plustek 7500i which was much more expensive and much slower but much higher quality, and I’ve now done about 4,000 slides/negatives with it. Since then I’ve received advice that a second hand Epson V500 (or V700, or…) would have been as good as my Plustek or better, and will also scan 120 film and prints (but you’ve got the Canon for that).

    I also bought a Canon printer, looks a similar but earlier model. The only problem with it is it seems to eat ink; it’s probably OK if you print lots, but turning it on to print a couple of sheets seems to go through expensive ink at a great rate.

    Isn’t technology wonderful? 😦

  3. I’m used to ink eaters. The broken Epsom will still work as a scanner, and slide scanner. So, after what you’ve suggested, I’ll check the quality of the Slides 2PC scanner tomorrow (too much of today was taken up with updating anti-virus software and getting the new printer working from the laptop upstairs), and if it’s not great, I’ll consider taking it back.

  4. Printers are evil. Once I bought a printer for Tom’s birthday and I had hopes of having it all set up before he got out of bed that Saturday. Instead, by noon, we were slinging profanities and giving each other the stink eye.

  5. Chris & Roddy. I’ve encountered the same warnings about no-name film scanners. We have an adequate Epson scanner but ended up buying a more expensive Canon 5600 scanner too, purely so we could use it for slides/negs (which it does brilliantly).

    I don’t believe in having a printer.

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